Course Topics

Prophetic Lifestyle's aim is to help you grow in discerning the voice of the Lord not only for yourself, but also how to partner with Him as you walk through your everyday life. Course Topics include receiving and giving prophetic words, dream interpretation, growing in discernment, and how to bring God's solutions into daily situations.

  • Discover and grow in more confidence in discerning the different ways the Lord speaks to you through teachings and exercises.

  • Dive into understanding and interpreting your dreams and the biblical foundation for symbols and meanings.

  • Learn how to recognize and shift atmospheres by partnering with Jesus to bring heaven's solutions.

  • Be equipped in receiving and delivering prophetic words with love as the primary foundation.

Course Schedule & Information

October 25th - December 12th

October 25th: Online course portal opens, students begin completing online coursework (watching videos, reading, posting discussions, etc.)

October 28th: First Live class held from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Live classes are held every Thursday.

Location: Students may choose to attend live classes in-person or virtually over Zoom. In-person classes will be held in the Log Cabin room at Calvary Harvest Fields.
201 Harvest Fields Dr.
Boalsburg, PA 16827

Optional Activities: Students have the opportunity to attend special outreach events to gain experience with the material being taught.

Course Components

  • Online Assignment Portal

    Students have access to an online course portal. Weekly assignments and homework are located in the portal and students can track their progress as they work through the course.

  • In-Person Teaching & Online

    Each week consists of a 2 hour live in-person classroom experience. Whether the student is local and can join in-person or whether they choose to join via zoom, the course instructors will provide live teaching to supplement the assignments, answer questions, as well as provide prayer ministry and group activations.

  • Community

    Developing relationships and community is a key part of the course. Homework assignments are posted in a community page where students can engage and learn from each other. Students will have the opportunity to work together in discussion groups as well.

Answers to Questions

  • What are the dates of the course?

    The course runs from October 25 - December 12. The Online Assignment Portal opens October 25th with the first homework assignments due shortly after. The first live teaching class is Thursday, October 28th.

  • What are the prerequisites?

    To be a part of this course, you only need to have given your life to Jesus and have a desire to grow. You do not have to be a church leader or feel like you have it all together. You only need to have a heart that is hungry to know Jesus more and be willing to put some effort into your relationship with him.

  • What does a week look like in the course?

    Each week you’ll be given assignments such as watching a video, reading a portion of the Bible or reading other provided learning material. You will participate in small group discussions online, and do homework. There is also a weekly live teaching session where your questions can be answered and where you will practice what you are learning. You can choose to attend the live teaching session online or in-person. We recommend attending in-person as that will give you the best opportunity to interact with other students.

  • What will the course be like?

    It is a full classroom experience, online and in-person. You’ll have dedicated facilitators who will walk you through the class. You’ll have a group of fellow students, going through the course together, sharing experiences and growing together. This course will take some effort on your part to dig in and learn. It is a course that will give you opportunities to grow in a greater understanding and experience of God, a greater love for the Bible, and practical tools to help you grow. You can expect to spend 4-6 hours per week on course material.

  • Is it a go-at-your-own-pace course?

    No. It is a course experience with fellow students, online weekly assignments, homework, group discussions and live teaching.

  • Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    If you complete the requirements for the assignments, and attend the live teaching sessions, then you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • What are the technology requirements for the course?

    To have a good course experience, you need to have a reliable internet connection. Course content includes Zoom sessions, streaming video, and website access. If you can watch YouTube videos without problems on your computer, then your internet connection should be fast enough. Your computer needs to be up to date with all software. You also need to be comfortable logging into websites and using email, downloading files, and navigating the web.