We have divided our courses into different growth areas. Students can choose to focus on taking all courses from one track or choose courses from  different tracks. There are no prerequisites to courses in Tracks 1-3. 

Track 4 requires an approved application and students must have completed all other tracks before applying to Track 4. Track 4 is primarily for students who want to be mentored and become leaders serving Radiant Life Ministries.

Courses are 4-6 weeks in length and are offered at various times. Currently only one course is offered at a time, so students may need to wait until the course they want to take is offered.

Fall Courses start September 5, 2022.

Track 1: Discover Your Purpose

Track 2: Live in Freedom

Track 3: Walk in Power

Track 4: Equipped to Lead

This track has an application process. All other tracks should be completed before applying to this track.